Weaving Change: exploring actions of agency

Weaving Change: exploring actions of agency, explores how individual and material agency interacts with change.

This project investigated these themes through a socially engaged art practice. Offered as workshops, small groups of participants joined in over zoom, discussing their ideas of change and agency while manipulating a woven surface. These weavings became the basis for three final works, capturing the workshop experience, participant feedback and arising themes of change and agency.

Spaces and Sites of Change consists of the altered woven panels, which are dipped in porcelain and hung to create a shadow intense installation. This work investigates through its configuration the influence of individual agency.

Community Growth is a series of paste ups of a progression of growing plants on a weaving to explore ideas of community agency in a public setting.

Interacting with Change is a video composed of the video and audio recorded from the workshops, where viewers are invited to participate by explore a woven surface, like those used in the video.

Community Growth,

weaving, sprouting plants, 20 x 35cm


Spaces and SItes of Change.  (detail)

starched weaving and ceramic burnouts, 

Interacting with Change,

video - length 0:17:23