Spaces and Sites of Change

Spaces and Sites of Change, 2021, Ceramic burnout and starched weavings, 360 x 90 x 220 suspended cm  

Spaces and Sites of Change investigates ideas of agency through interactions with a woven surface. In a socially engaged process, participants joined in small online workshops and explored their beliefs of change and its relation to agency. While in discussion, they manipulated the warp and weft of a weaving, creating change at their fingertips.

These altered weavings form an installation in which the panels are transformed through two separate process to reflect qualities and ideas of change. One set of weavings are dipped in a porcelain slip and then fired in a kiln, leaving a replica in ceramic to create a fragile object. The other set of weavings are starched to become stiff but flexible pieces. They are hung together to create a shadow intense installation.

Viewers are encouraged to participant in the work by using their phone torch to manipulate the shadows of the installation.

Video of phone torch based shadow interaction with the installation. 

Spaces and Sites of Change (Details) each full panel is approximately 20x30cm, fragments vary in size. Photo: Brenton McGeachie